Nir Pearlson Architect Studio

1290 SF Remodel; Completed in 2018

This 1905 two-story bungalow, originally a residence, was converted into an office building in the 1970’s. The remodel project involved a full reinvention of the first floor, transforming four awkwardly-arranged and under-utilized rooms into a spacious architectural studio. The interiors were gutted, and three load-bearing walls were replaced with post-and-beam timber frames bearing on new concrete footings below the floor. From the building’s lobby, a tall glass door leads into the new studio suite with open work areas, a conference room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a back mud/entry room. The new interior spaces celebrate both past and present. Historic elements include carefully-preserved original windows, with new casing to match the historic trim. Reclaimed hardwood flooring with visible stress and saw-marks gives a nod to the building’s era of origin. Modern elements include large glazed openings between the lobby and the studio, and exposed glue-laminated structural frames. The work areas are furnished with expansive “apple-ply” maple plywood table tops, and are illuminated by hi-tech LED fixtures. The conference room’s oversized fir-and-glass doors were mounted onto steel track and rollers fabricated circa 1890 that has been abandoned in a wall cavity and discovered during construction!

The former drafty envelope was improved as the wall, ceiling, and floor cavities were packed with insulation.
The removal of partitions and the introduction of new interior glazing allow for daylight to reach all corners of the studio.
The FSC-Certified flooring is made with hardwood salvaged from former industrial buildings.
The mechanical equipment was replaced with high-efficiency units, and all ducts were insulated. The electrical system was replaced, and all lighting is provided by new efficient LED fixtures with dimming controls.