Important Information

All Plans and Modifications Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges once order fulfillment is in process.

All Plans were designed to meet all local codes at the time and location when the original plans were created.

As with any stock plans, when submitting for permit at your community, you would need to provide design and documentation not included with the purchased plans, as required by your local jurisdiction. Such requirements may include:

Site plan showing location of building on the site, zoning of property, property boundaries, utilities, septic system in case no public sewer is available, etc.

Structural engineering: a local structural engineer may be required to review the drawings, and provide engineering calculations, mark-ups, and detailing as needed to meet the local Structural Code. Such requirements may include seismic zone requirements, hurricane zone requirements, snow loads, wind loads, etc.

Electrical, Mechanical, and Envelope systems that meet all local Energy Code requirements.

You would need to confirm all local requirements with your local jurisdiction planning and building departments. Your Builder may be able to help with this process.

Stock plans do not include an engineer’s or architect’s stamp. If your local building department requires a plan, you would need to take your stock plans to a local engineer or architect for review, potential modifications, and stamping.