Historical Museum

Create a new home for the Historical Museum at the Eugene Post Office. Reconnect the county with its storied past within a compelling, uplifting, and affordable remodel of an historic icon.

The lobby welcomes visitors with views into the main gallery and mezzanine. Marble counters and wainscoting, plaster grilles, murals, and original P.O. boxes tell the building’s story. A new grand stairway brings visitors up to a mezzanine overlooking historical vehicles. The original skylight is revealed to wash the galleries with daylight. Outdoor exhibits, a café, and a gift shop draw visitors from the street. Ample storage keeps artifacts accessible and organized, and light-filled children’s and library areas extend the museum’s capacity.

Reinforce the city’s fabric and locate this key civic function at its heart, adjacent to mass and alternative transportation routes. Reuse and celebrate existing building components and structure. Design the space to accommodate the museum’s current collection and future expansion. Utilize the rooftop for solar photovoltaic and hot water installations. Provide ample and controlled daylight via the giant skylight.