Imagine Graphics

9450 SF; Completed in 2007

A new delicate structural steel colonnade buffers the building façade from the parking lot, and marks the sheltered entryway. Inside, a section of the original low ceiling was raised, exposing roof beams and allowing new clerestory windows to illuminate the sales area. The new double-height building hub horizontally links the sales area and the outdoor garden, stairs, conference and production areas, while opening the office mezzanine to the floor below. Architectural materials such as wood, steel, concrete block and aluminum remain un-treated and express their distinct nature in form, texture, and color

New clerestory windows minimize the need for artificial lighting, while the canopy and deep roof overhangs provide summer shading. Light fixtures are controlled with daylight zoning and motion-sensors. Interior casework, trim, and railings are made of reclaimed Doug-Fir boards, sustainable FSC-certified lumber, and straw-board. Natural linoleum and replaceable carpet tiles comprise the flooring.