Hummingbird Wholesale

38000 SF; Completed in 2011

Surrounded by new gardens that replace old paving, this building is a modern-day barn: an iconic utilitarian structure where crops are stored and processed to sustain human life. The industrial metal skin lifts to form sheltered entries, and to reveal warm, textured, surfaces echoing fields. Re-inventing this half-century old warehouse into a beacon of sustainability, agriculture, and appropriate technology involved creative programming, so that a food production and distribution company is housed next to office, manufacturing, and retail tenants.

Oversized windows and skylights bring daylight deep into the offices & warehouses. The super-insulated envelope prevents heat loss, and the concrete slab modulates daily temperature swings. High-efficiency zoned mechanical systems rely on ground and air-source heat pumps. A thermal solar array supplies a central hot water loop, while photovoltaic arrays offset electrical loads. Upgraded lighting controls include zoning, dimming, and occupancy sensors. Gas, electricity, and hot & cold water are all metered in-house, allowing tenants to track usage and improve energy-use trends. A palate of natural materials includes a straw-bale wall, earthen plaster, and reclaimed woods. Materials from the original building have new purposes; exterior siding is now a ceiling and shear bracing is now baseboard.